adsXcell works as an automated voice dialer with voice and language of your choice. With this intelligent tool, a single communication could be passed on to “N” number of persons in an instant, personalized and highly cost effective manner.


Scope of XL Voice  
A telephone messaging solution, a smart auto dialer, for reaching thousands of people with personalized messages and response options you choose.


Send SMS : If some subscribers fail to receive call, or they are unreachable or call is missed. System can automatically send a text to your customers, just to ensure no communication is missed.  

Answering Machine Detection : XL VOICE can detect answering machines also and can leave messages. 

Call back rules management : allows you to manage personal call backs and call backs in automatic or customizable mode. By contact type, call back rules can be set to absent, busy, answering machines and abandon calls. It will dial the numbers in your call list based on criteria’s that can be set on a per individual campaign basis. You master so perfectly the exploitation of your files by calling back every target the most relevant time slots.

Call scheduling : For each campaign you have the ability to define criteria's to your call list in order to manage and control your call scheduling: time zones, predefine filers, client types, adsXcell will respect these criteria’s and will dial records depending of the time slots defined. These call scheduling features allow you to drastically increase your contact rate.


Click-to-Record : Need to urgently broadcast a message and recording is not possible. No worries, simply pick up your phone, dial our number and record your prompt in your own voice.

Web Form Callback : Web Form Callback enables companies to respond to web leads in seconds, increasing qualification rates and sales. It can be implemented on special request with a bare minimum set up fee.

Outbound IVR : Outbound IVR is similar to the message broadcast tool with more robust contact option capability. Perfect for surveys or outbound questionnaires, you are able to create your own option list with analytics and result tracking. It can transfer calls to human agent, if subscriber wants to talk to human agent. Its additional feature and it can be implemented on special request with a bare minimum cost.

NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY (NDNC) : In order to respect government Do Not Call list legislations or simply respect your prospects requests a data base can be defined and managed. AdsXcell checks every phone number in NDNC database, and will only dial authorized records. Thus Do Not Call List has no impact on your results.


adsXcell can be integrated with existing ERP, CRM et al and can fetch data and make calls on real-time basis.

Voice calls can be powered with ASR (Automatic Speech recognition) instead of regular IVR.

Capability of dialing 45K calls in one hour. Thus 11 million calls A day and approx 30 million calls a month which can be scaled as per requirement.

SUPPORT FUNCTION: 24x7 tech support to ensure smooth operations.

REPORT: At the end of the day we will give the complete details to the Company like…
·  How many people listened to the Message?
·  How many numbers are not connected?
·  How many people listened to the complete prompt? Et al.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Manual calls allow from 15 to 20 minutes talk time per hour only, versus 45K to 50K calls per hour with adsXcell’s XL VOICE. Thanks to the dedicated E1 lines which help you to multifold your productivity.

It’s a great tool for domestic call centers engaged in outbound dialing, resulting in lowering of human cost and involvement and at the same time multi-folding efficiency and productivity. 

PROFESSIONAL RECORDING : adsXcell has a team of well qualified and professional recorders, music composers, script writes and in-house studio. To ensure faster prompt delivery at bare minimum cost.