You may use a keyword specific to your Ad campaign like CTZ for Convertz or TCS for Telugu Cinema Screen for shortcodes like 56070, 56006 or 56006456..

The keyword should be kept as short as possible for the user to quickly get in touch with .

We can arrange for unlimited keywords matching your SMS ad campaign, subject to availability.

For this service One time registration is mandatory and annual maintenance charges are to be paid.

Keywords can be used in every advertisement like print, TV, etc for Ex : "For further details : SMS XXX to 56006456"

Any userĀ  will instead of making a call, send an SMS while prefixing the keyword to the shortcode.

All the leads/references/incoming SMSs received on the Keyword would be diverted to your account. A user name & password will be configured in a web interface, for you to interact with the client instantly.

A complimentary SMS to the service user, can be arranged (for 160 characters) for your reciprocation to the client.

This service is being extensively used for SMS feedbacks, mass surveys, SMS Polls, Interactive SMS Quiz, SMS Contests on TV Shows.

Shortcode/Keyword service has got an excellent revenue generating potential.

ForĀ  further details on this service - please type "ADS"<space>[your message] and send it to 56006456.