About Us

Adsxcell is committed in benefitting business organizations of all sizes in promoting their services, products by text , voice and other mobile ad campaigns over cell phones to reach their targeted clientele.

Adsxcell is providing successful marketing models with quantifiable returns and reduce their ad spending.

We provide mobile software applications & solutions for generating mobile alerts to their clients to enhance Client Relations (CRs).

Text Messaging has become a new mainstream vehicle to market everything : TV Shows, cars, deodorant and dozens of other goods and services. This medium is the most effective because text messaging has become so persuasive that subscribers now send and receive more text messages in a month than they do phone calls. Now businesses cannot afford to spend money on ads that don’t deliver results. The biggest advantage with mobile phone advertising is that it delivers terrific results. The average CTR (Click Through Rate) of mobile advertising campaign is in the range of 2 – 5 %. The average response rate of mobile ad campaigns is 29 %. So even if you spend a little more money than what you usually spend you are likely to get good results. That is what makes mobile advertising so effective.

It is our constant endeavor to be updated with the latest trends in mobile advertising and using the technology with the best features like SMS Short/Long codes, IVRS, picture messaging, MMS etc.

We understand your marketing objectives and provide the best and cost effective mobile advertising services.

Come and join in our journey to reach out your target clientele while benefitting from the technology.